Money for Inmates

Money Kiosk


  • You may come into the lobby and put money in the Kiosk machine for inmate’s using cash, credit or debit card or call 1-866-232-1899 or use web address, to put money on an inmate's account or put money in the lobby kiosk. A service fee will be charged.
  • You may also bond out inmates online: using the web address or put money in the lobby kiosk.

 If you want to pay a debt after you are released, you need to contact a Detention Specialist at 247-1161 ext. 0 to activate your account. Then you can load money via the Kiosk, call 866-232-1899 or on the web at


To purchase commissary, you may send money orders payable to the inmate, deposit money online using, or you may use the lobby kiosk.  You may also load money to an inmate’s account using this web site. Please be aware if the inmate has a debt balance, 60% of each deposit is used towards the debt balance and inmates are given 40% of the deposit to purchase commissary or phone time until the balance is paid off.